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A media planner is like a writer who creates the screen play for a film. A media buyer is such as the actor who brings the film to life. A politician with a good message who fails to get out the vote loses the election. And a good media idea, poorly executed, should have already been a poor idea. Sometimes execution is everything.

A media plan could be brilliant, but does it be executed with equal zeal? Will the program be executed on budget with the best media vehicles, in the best place, at the best time and with maximum communications impact? If not, the program might not look so brilliant any more. Media planning, media buying, and media selling are all equal communications partners in driving ROI.


How come Buying Underestimated?

Since all of the disciplines (planning, buying, selling) are all of roughly equal in importance, I’ve always wondered why media textbooks dedicate only some pages to the art and science of advertising agencies in chicago and no pages to media selling. Clients probably place the best importance on the price effectiveness of the buys negotiated on their behalf. Agencies can lose clients on the basis of poor media buying performance, bu I don’t think I could ever remember an agency losing an account because of a media simulation model.

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Perhaps some academics believe that media planning is more conceptual, more creative, more research oriented, and provides better mettle for the mind. But these assumptions aren’t necessarily so. Media buying at its best requires honed negotiation skills which could be a course in psychology. Buying plus it requires an knowledge of the communications process that rivals media planning. And media buyers desire a familiarity with the investigation documenting how different media variables, such as for instance commercial affect performance and advertising effectiveness.


It’s ironic that so many clients have the contrary belief where buying is more important than planning. After all, that is where the rubber hits the trail and the dollars are spent.

In the 21st century, media buyers won’t just lead to buying TRPS or clicks at the lowest possible price, but must discover ways to “buy communication, not TRPS, according to many experts. Beyond CPM, how can a buy’s communications effectiveness be maximized? Program involvement, attention levels, media buying agency, commercial positioning and a bunch of other factors have a greater effect on communications effectiveness than media weight and CPMs. TRPS are not TRPS.


Where the Jobs Are

Students interested in a vocation in advertising need to study the art and science of media buying because it is a significant section of th business and because jobs in buying are far more plentiful than jobs in planning.n the 21st century, students also desire a point of difference to greatly help them land a job in every competitive arena. Unless they’re going to work for a mega agency, where are students going to master about media buying including negotiating strategy, the role of program involvement, commercial positioning, and context —if not in the classroom?


Everyone in the marketing communications business needs to develop a good knowledge of the convergence of planning and buying and selling. Media is transitioning to Integrated Marketing.

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